Shakespeare Infant School

We Care

Our Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by the promotion of the We Care ethos and six learning values with corresponding puppets:


Billy Blackbird  Independence



Chrissy Creativity



 Collaboration Horace the hedgehog



Betsy Butterfly Spirituality



 Emotional Intelligence Lucy Ladybird



Bertie Bee Thinking 





At Shakespeare Infant School we expect all staff, children, parents and visitors to uphold our six Values




These values develop crucial lifelong skills that are developed and practised systematically enabling our children to grow in confidence and independence.  They learn to work effectively with one another, appreciate the wonder of the world around them, and learn about their emotions knowing how to respond positively and empathetically to others.  


We embed the idea that mistakes are viewed as an opportunity to improve, develop resilience and increase success through nurture, care and high expectations. The children are able to tell you the names of the puppets and what they represent and what this learning value looks like to them in every day practices.


This is reinforced alongside our behaviour policy, strong adult modelling, daily “Lucy Ladybird time” where children pay compliments to a friend in the class and weekly “We Care time” that gives children the opportunities to discuss ideas and knowledge that may not be familiar to them. This is another strand of the We Care ethos in which our children show how caring, thoughtful and empathetic they are.


Behaviour in our school is excellent – you will hear polite manners and children holding doors open, picking things up without being asked, tidying resources away, checking in on one another and keeping each other safe.  You can ask a child you see wearing a LV sticker why and what they did to receive one. 


Each learning value is linked to a weekly HT certificate achieved by demonstrating one of the learning values in action.  These children then sit with the HT on the Golden table for lunch. 


Golden table