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September - October

During this first project we spend time getting to know the children and their families. The children get to know all about the classroom areas and the wider school environment. The children learn the new rules and routines as they begin their journey at Shakespeare Infant School.

See project leaflet for more information.

Rhyme Time 


During this project, we will explore rhyme and talk about the characters from the different nursery rhymes. 

See the leaflet for more information:

It's Christmas!


We are doing a mini project for 3 weeks on Christmas where we are learning why Christians are celebrating Christmas. We will share understandings of the Christian faith and about the birth of God's Son- Jesus and how Christians believe Jesus came to give us love, hope and joy. 


We will be sharing a familiar story, which has changed over time and some of the parts can be read about in the Bible. The Nativity performance will be at the church where the children will learn the story and songs about this Christian Story.  


Over the 3 weeks we will be talking about Advent and what this mean, decorating our classrooms using different forms of texture. 



The children have explored the Year R areas of the school well and started to locate different parts of the school at lunchtime play. Through this project the children will be able to develop mapping skills when exploring the school grounds. Further to this they will develop their knowledge in Understanding the world to investigate floating and sinking and test different materials to create their own boat. The children will enhance their language through learning new and adventurous vocabulary.  

Jasper Says Come Outside 


The children learn the story 'Jaspers Beanstalk' through recital and completing each part of the story themselves. We then move in to learning about Bugs through the part of the story that introduces slugs and snails. We then explore new life related to animals and plants. During the project the children have lots of exciting opportunities planned such as a visit from Zoolab, Millars Ark Farm and watching the transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly. 

Once upon a time 


The children have good phonic knowledge and will be writing extended pieces of writing to make their own fairytale story. The children will be using a 3 part story structure of Opening, problem, resolution.  The children will be learning 4 fairytale in detail through text mapping and oral rehearsal. The children will be introduced to the cooking element of DT through the use of the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears where they will be making and tasting porridge. The children will also be introduced to doubling and halving and we will be enhancing this through the fairytales we are learning.