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P.E at Shakespeare Infant School


Our children are aspirational and they enjoy P.E. They are enthusiastic learners because they find physical activity fun and they feel proud of their progress. As children progress through SIS, they master basic skills and apply them in a range of physical activities and sports.  They are taught that, through practise and repetition, they can become increasingly fluent in a particular movement or skill. Children know how to assess their performance and the performance of others and this means that they also know how to learn and improve. Competency is learnt over time and every child achieves their own, high standard.


Children at SIS have many positive role models who work in partnership to help and encourage our learners. These role models are proud of their own unique achievements and they understand the huge impact that they can have on the children who are in their care. Teachers and other skilled adults provide an environment that: inspires children to challenge themselves, it is exciting relevant and forward thinking. Parents and carers are actively encouraged and supported to compliment the school environment at home. Adults and children demonstrate and celebrate good sporting values, more specifically, they understand and manage emotions linked to competition, challenge and success. Children have the confidence to immerse themselves in to a range of new, inclusive experiences. These memorable, novel experiences build upon previously learnt skills and knowledge. The broad P.E. offering means that all children will leave SIS with a love of sport and P.E. in general and having experienced a good or better level of achievement in a wide range of physical activity. P.E. at SIS is an early step on the path to lifelong participation in sport and exercise.


Children know that they are part of a caring and supportive community. As an individual or as part of a team; in completion or in practice, they feel empowered to contribute, to lead, to be creative and meet new challenges. Children value their health, they understand what they feel like when during and after exercise. Children at SIS respect themselves and others and they understand that they are a valued member of their class, their school and the wider community.