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Rabbit Class

Meet Mrs Hellier - one of the Rabbit Class Teachers

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Meet Mrs Ramsdale- one of the Rabbit Class teachers

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Welcome to Rabbit Class

The Rabbit class adults are -

Mrs Hellier Class teacher 2.5 days a week and Year 1 Leader


Mrs Ramsdale Class teacher 2.5 days a week and Year 1 Leader


Mrs Callum - Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Aslet - Learning Support Assistant


Hello everyone!

We are Mrs Hellier and Mrs Ramsdale. We are your new teachers for Year 1.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all and spending our year together in Rabbit class.

We are very lucky to have 4 adults working in our classroom over the week.

Mrs Hellier will be your teacher on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday pm.

Mrs Ramsdale will be your teacher on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning

Mrs Callum will be in class Monday to Thursday and Mrs Aslet will be supporting a child 1:1 3 mornings a week and she will also work with you on a Friday afternoon.



Class Email


If you need to speak to Mrs Hellier and Mrs Ramsdale then please feel free to email us at:


Our first project

When we start back at school we will be doing our project 'All about me'. You will get to learn lots of new things about the teachers in the class. You will be able to tell us lots of things about yourself. You will get time to talk and play with the other children in the class - we are sure you will have lots to tell each other!

We are going to practise lots of the skills you have learnt in Year R and will start to show you some new learning.

If you want some more information you can find out about what we are going to learn and the home learning task you can do at home here


We are very excited to see you all soon! laugh